9.20.17 – 10.2.17 Team Series

Pair up, adopt a ridiculous team name and workout!

For those who want to participate in the global event there is a $40/team entry fee.  For those who just want to participate within Redox it is free.

CrossFit HQ will be releasing 4 workouts each of the 2 weeks.  2 of the 4 workouts (or a modified version) will be the WOD on Friday and Saturday each week.  For teams only competing in-house these will be the only two workouts required.  For those competing in the global online comp you will have to find time outside of class to complete the other 2 workouts with you partner.

For more details on the Team Series click here.

Word on the street is there may be prizes involved for the in-house comp.

9.16.17 Gymnastics Clinic

On Sept 16th Redox CrossFit will be hosting a gymnastics clinic for athletes.  This clinic is a unique opportunity to get fresh insight into the never-ending process of gymnastic development from an experienced coach and high level gymnastics + CrossFit athlete.

The guest coach, Chelsea McKinney,  is an L2 CrossFit instructor with 15 years of coaching experience between gymnastics, cheerleading, and CrossFit. She has competed on the Regional level for the past 6 years, and at the CrossFit Games in 2014 on Team CrossFit Central Downtown.

She will be offering a 1 day (3hr) gymnastics clinic @ Redox. This clinic will benefit you whether you are new to CrossFit, struggle with gymnastics, or want some help refining advanced gymnastics.

Registration will open Sept 1st. The cost is $99.
Athlete participation will be capped at 15.

Register Here.

9.4.17 Labor Day Community WOD

Please join Redox and the Anchorage CrossFit community as we celebrate Labor Day the only way we know how — fitness!

Group warm-up will begin at 10, and a potluck will follow the workout. Please bring a dish or beverage of your choice 🙂



Event Recap:

Chosen WOD:


For Time in Teams of 4:
300 Pull-ups
400 Push-up
500 Ab mat sit-ups
600 Air Squats

We had representation from all 5 Anchorage boxes and over sixty athletes participated! As our first time hosting a Community Hero WOD we felt great support from our fellow Anchorage boxes! Thanks for the fantastic christening!!

Cycle 4, 2017

Hey Team,

We will be pre and post testing from Tuesday (9/5) through Tuesday (9/12).  Please do your best to be present! It will give us a good launch point for the cycle.  Saturday open gym would be a great time to make up any missed testing 😉 .

At this point in the year we will start to shift our focus away from absolute strength and use the strength we’ve gained a base for more time on dynamic skill development and conditioning in preparation for the CrossFit Open.  We will work for approximately 8 weeks on the goals below, have a one week deload (reduction in load/volume) then retest in hopes of seeing measurable progress in the focus areas listed below.


Improve Absolute Strength

Continue to Create Strength Speed by building on the strength base we have created this year and applying it to the olympic lifts: primarily Cleans and Power Snatching.

Further Develop Gymnastics
For those who have adequate strict gymnastic volume we will start to work on the skill of kipping.

Building Aerobic Capacity
Transitioning from monostructural (running/erging) testing to mixed modal (traditional CrossFit style)

Overhead mobility and carrying strength in preparation for snatches in Cycle 5.