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Robyn Claytors success story

Robyn Claytor

4+ years at Redox CrossFit

Of course, there have been physical changes, but that is only part of the benefit. I am 62 years old and started doing CrossFit two years ago as part of a longer-term plan to eventually hike the Appalachian Trail as a thru-hike. In late September 2019 I b...

Holly Spoth-Torress success story

Holly Spoth-Torres

4 years at Redox CrossFit

I’ve been all over the fitness world in Anchorage. Two years ago, I began reflecting on my long-term fitness and performance goals and realized that my current routine was not effective or sustainable – I was just going through the motions and I wasn'...

Ciara Johnsons success story

Ciara Johnson

2 years at Redox CrossFit

Redox has been an essential part of my life since I joined two years ago. I started out going just a couple of times a week, and it turned out to be my favorite way to exercise so I go more often now. The workouts are just right for what I need, with lots...

Bob McDonalds success story

Bob McDonald

2 years at Redox CrossFit

I just wanted to take a sec to tell you how awesome your gym is (that includes staff too!). What you are doing with the resiliency project is amazing. I truly hope you weather this storm. I’m now down in Texas and I did some “box” shopping and I was...