Move It Or Lose It!

We Aren’t Meant To Be Caged

As a species, we live a life of captivity. Our cars, jobs, and homes are akin to the large cages used to house bears at the zoo. Sure, they have enough room to move around, and maybe even run a bit, but not nearly as fast or as far as they would in their natural habitat. Zoo animals get their hour or so of daily”enrichment”, just like we get our hour or so at the gym. What about the rest of the day? The average person, even an exerciser, is mostly sedentary throughout the day. We drive to the gym, to work, sit (or stand) at a desk, drive home, and sit in a chair. Just like those bears, an hour of movement a day is not enough to sustain us. It’s what we do in the other 23 hours that matters most. 

We Are Meant To Be Active

We, like zoo animals, no longer do what we evolved to do over millennia; we are meant to run, climb, throw, hunt, gather, squat, carry heavy things, jump, dance, walk long distances over varied terrain, in the snow, barefoot and uphill both ways (kidding, but not really). We are meant to MOVE! Just like zoo animals, a captive life can make us sick and maybe a little crazy. 

Our Habits Determine How We Move

The WAY we move matters. Our alignment matters. Our stationary lifestyle, our chairs,  footwear, clothes, and even our culture has essentially cast us and skewed our natural postural alignment. We sit so much that our butt and hamstring muscles can literally stop responding. Heeled footwear puts the entire body out of alignment, from our feet to our necks. Our clothes dig into our skin creating unnecessary restrictions. The cultural cues of “stand up straight” and “chest up and shoulders back” leave some of us looking like high school girls, while driving and computer work leaves us hunched over like trolls. All of this causes our bodies to hurt; We are full of aches and pains, which seem to only worsen with age. 

It’s Not Too Late

We think of losing the function and mobility we had in our youth  as a thing that is bound to happen, a natural part of aging. It doesn’t have to be that way. A study of the Hazda tribe, one of the last remaining hunter and gatherer tribes in the world, found evidence to the contrary. The older the people were, the more they moved, and that the elders had the same mobility as the tribe’s young adults. In our culture, we think bodily degeneration is inevitable, when really it’s how we move in our daily lives that mold the bodies we will have in the future. We simply squander our genetic inheritance, joints meant to last a lifetime, with poor patterns and habits.     


The movement you don’t do now is movement you will be unable to do in the future. It’s literally MOVE IT OR LOSE IT. You are resilient as hell and can heal from almost anything. It is never too late to start moving!


The Movement Workshop starts October 26th, 2019. If you’re ready to “MOVE IT”, register with the link below.